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Weekly Fishing Report

Fishing tips for the Chetek Chain of Lakes from our local fishing guide 

Steve Sedani

Steve Sadani

Up-Der North Guide Service


Steve has been a Wisconsin-licensed fishing guide in the Chetek area for more than 30 years. For more information about Steve and Up-Der North Guide Service, visit http://www.chetek.com/up-dernorth/ or call (715) 829-9477

May 14, 2019

Panfish anglers are having some good success fishing the fallen tree tops laying in the water off the vast shorelines and islands of the Chetek chain of lakes. 


Anglers fishing for bluegills and crappies are catching meals of panfish for the fry pan. Try bobber fishing or vertical jigging in the treetops that lay in the water along the shorelines and bays. To catch some bluegills, wax worms, and leaf or red worms work equally well for bait on a hook or jig. For crappies, try minnows and your favorite jig suspended from a bobber or vertically jigged off the ends of the semi-submerged trees. You may even see the fish busting the water surface while chasing bait. 


Fly fishing anglers also have been having some very good success when fishing these same areas.


Walleye anglers are finding some actively-feeding walleyes as they drift or troll and work the shorelines that have some hard bottom. Steep-banked shorelines with sandy bottoms and overhanging trees can also be another place to find these elusive fish. Slip bobber fishing with fathead minnows, nightcrawlers or leeches on the hook can work well in these areas while anchoring your boat. Try casting a jig and minnow or a plain hook and sinker rigs tipped with live bait while trolling slowly with a trolling motor. This can work equally as well to help you also cover some water and find the active feeding walleyes.


Bass anglers are finding some bass starting to move around in shallow bays and along the shorelines Spinnerbaits and Texas rigged worms or craws can work well to catch these cruising fish as they come in tot eh shorelines for their spawning season. Please be gentle and release any big-bellied females you may catch these next few weeks.


Northern pike anglers are also having some fun catching the thrashing, fighting (and good for eating) fish. Many anglers are finding the pike active where the weed growth is starting in the bays, stump fields, and creek mouth areas.  Rapalas, spinner baits and any kind of shallow minnow that imitate bait can work well to entice some massive and thrashing strikes by these big fish.


If you’re looking for something to do this Sunday, May 19th for an hour or two, come on out to Reds on the Lake and watch the one-day annual Easy Bass fishing tournament and weigh-in. Bring the kids or grandkids and see many of the best local anglers and other anglers from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.  Weigh-in starts around 2:30 pm     


Good luck fishing, anglers, and safe travels to and from the Chetek lakes. 





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