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Chetek's Only
Full Service Lakeside Marina

101 Banks St.  Chetek, WI  54728   (715) 924-3318

About Us

Lake Country Marina is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Chetek community since 1961. 


Lake Country Marina is owned by Jim and Suzanne Crotteau. Marv and Dorothy Swant originally purchased the marina in 1961 and operated it as Marv's Marina for more than two decades. Jim is Marv and Dorothy's grandson and remembers being at the marina as a youngster. In 1985, John Jones bought the marina from the Swants and renamed it Chetek Marine. He sold the business to the Crotteaus in the spring of 2008.  Jim and Suzanne named their new business Lake Country Marina.

Many employees at the marina continue to be part of the crew.  Service expert Jerry Crotteau is Jim's dad and has been the "go-to guy" at the marina for more than 58 years. Serving both local residents with year-round top-notch service and welcoming seasonal visitors is important to the folks at Lake Country Marina. Stop by, check out the renovated showroom and say hello. They look forward to serving you with excellence.

You may recognize Suzanne from The Great Outdoors in Rice Lake. While Jim is at the helm of Lake Country Marina, Suzanne is greeting folks at The Great Outdoors in Rice Lake.  She created the successful store in 2000, expanded the building three times and the business continues to thrive. Customers come from near and far to buy unique northwoods and lodge decor and furniture. 


Stop by and say hello to Suzanne at The Great Outdoors at 1503 South Main Street in Rice Lake. Or call (715) 736-1257. Check out the website: greatoutdoors-wi.com.  The Great Outdoors is also on Facebook: facebook.com/greatoutdoorswi.

Family traditions continue. In this photo, taken in 2008 right after the Crotteaus purchased the marina: Jerry, Jamey, Brianna, Suzanne, and Jim Crotteau. Many changes have been made at the marina in the past nine years but family will always remain the same!


Jim Crotteau, Owner

At Lake Country Marina since 2008


Jim purchased the marina in 2008. He was born in Rice Lake, WI and raised in the Cameron area. His wife Suzanne and daughters Brianna and Jamey are his #1 priorities.  As a family, they make maple syrup every spring.  He loves hunting and being in the woods with his Lab, Lambeau. Jim’s favorite vacation spot is San Diego, CA and his favorite quote is “Sh*t Happens – Just Deal with it!”


Katie Bernecker, Office Manager

At Lake Country Marina since 2018



      Jeff Crotteau, Dock & Lift Service

        At Lake Country Marina since 2012 


        Jeff has been with Lake Country since 2012.  He was born in Rice                    Lake,  WI and raised in the Cameron area. He enjoys hunting and                    fishing.  His black lab SkyAnne is his best friend.  Yes, Jeff is Jim’s                      older (some may say wiser) brother.  Jeff keeps himself busy in his spare time, raising pheasants and loves watching NASCAR.  Jeff’s motto in life is “Keep smiling – every day is a new day!”       


      Jerry Knutson, Parts & Service Manager

        At Lake Country Marina since 2008 & with previous owner


        Jerry has been with Lake Country Marina since 2008.  Prior to that, he        worked for the previous owner for many years.  If you have any                      questions or need help finding parts for your boat motor, Jerry is your          man.  Jerry enjoys snowmobiling in the winter and spending time on his lawn tractor all summer long.  One of his favorite winter sports is playing dartball.


      Paul Bussone, Service Support

        At Lake Country Marina since 2014


        Paul is one of our part-time employees that has owned a second                   home here in Chetek for many years.  After 26 years as a teacher, he

        is now retired. According to Paul, spending his summers up here is                 living the dream.  He says that his favorite pastime is doing all the things he didn’t have time to do before he retired.  Paul enjoys listening to 80’s rock music while he’s out riding his Harley.  When he’s not on his Harley, then his next favorite pastimes are fishing or watching sports.  His favorite quote:  “You Can’t Fix Stupid!”


        Jerry Crotteau, seasoned mechanic

           At Lake Country Marina since 2008 and with prior owners








        Deven Solie, mechanic

           At Lake Country Marina since 2009








        Lael Johnson, Dock & Lift Crew

           At Lake Country Marina since 2016








        Terry Thompson, Rigging Specialist

           At Lake Country Marina since 2008 and with previous owners


           Terry has been with Lake Country Marina since 2008 and was an                  employee with the previous owner.  Terry enjoys hunting and fishing            in his spare time and tries to spend as much time as possible with                  his grandchildren. 




        Jon Morhardt, Detail Center Specialist

           At Lake Country Marina since 2021 


           Jon grew up in Illinois and moved to Wisconsin about three years                   ago.  He loves to hunt and fish when he has free time. Jon loves his               family - they are everything to him. 


      John Tully, Service Support

        At Lake Country Marina since 2013


        John was born and raised in St. Paul, MN but has lived in the Chetek              area for many years.  He enjoys fishing, hunting and target shooting.            His favorite pass time is reading and listening to music from the 60's.            In his down time,  John enjoys volunteering at the local hospital.  John has done a fair amount of traveling and one of his favorite vacation spots is Ireland. 

        Diane Heppner, service support

           At Lake Country Marina since 2018










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